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My name is Connelly Kekai Morris and I am a User Experience (UX) Designer enrolled at the Savannah College of Art and Design. I grew up in a small town near Buffalo NY, but I have a love of travel and trying new experiences, I plan on being a life long learner. I connect well with people, making me a great team player and Qualitative Researcher.

As a designer I find my passion, discovering user needs, finding creative ways to reimagine systems and services and providing users with tangible outcomes. My goal for the future is to incorporate sustainable systems into cutting-edge technology, by creating a thoughtful experience that exceeds the user's expectations. 

Outside of design, I enjoy cooking, being outside, and staying active. I gravitate towards projects that design for all with inclusive intention. In my free time, you can find me reading Simone de Beauvoir or Jan Chipchase and listening to NPR Tiny Desk concerts. 

Fjord - Service Design Intern

Worked on a multidisciplinary team to redesign existing experiences within the Federal Government space. Created a user research plan, conducted interviews and synthesized findings. Responsible for user testing and insight synthesis.  

Hp x ScadPro - UX Design Lead

SCADPro collaboration with HP to assist in the research and development of concepts to expand app orderings with a dedicated experience for printing creative outputs at home or ordering online.

Selected Work 

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Physical Mind Mapping tool for Highschool administration to enable a constructive conversation between students and faculty surrounding discipline

Big Takeaways - Learned the skill of Co-Creation and Community Outreach. By working with local high schools, our team was able to Co-Create with students and teachers to make an inclusive product.




Reimagined a new library experience through book resources, human resources, and local historical artifacts. 

Big Takeaways - designed for different types of interfaces such as AR, Foldable screens and a localized Kiosk.  

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Mobile App for Kitchen Management by providing reminders of the food the user already has in their inventory. This creates a healthy flow of food in and out of the household. 

Big Takeaway - conducted contextual research methods that allowed us to analyze micro-interaction in the kitchen and translated findings into interactions within the app. 



"And the truth that anyone can clearly see that humanity is split into two categories of individuals

with manifestly different clothes, faces, bodies, smiles, movements, interests, and occupations;

these differences are perhaps superficial; perhaps they are destined to disappear.

What is certain is that for the moment they exist in a strikingly obvious way. "

– Simone de Beauvoir 

About me 

Over the summer I was an Intern at Fjord in Washington DC. As a designer I find my passion, discovering user needs, finding creative ways to reimagine systems and services and providing users with tangible outcomes.





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